30 Aug 2015

Installing Ftrack 3 on Centos 6.0

Installing Ftrack Version 3 A Complete Guide using Centos 6.0-64Bit Centos Installation Burn Centos 6.0 64-Bit DVD Boot From DVD Install “Standard Desktop” Centos Settings New Install: Overwrite Prior Linux Partions Hostname: localhost.localdomain Set Time: Select your city Kernal Dump: Optional. Enabled or Disabled is OK Root User: Enter your Root Password New User: Enter new user/pass (i.e. “Test”). Must not be “Ftrack” or it will conflict with Installer. When Installation Completes, remove DVD, Reboot. Ftrack Installation Network Connectivity The […]

03 Apr 2015

Useful Autodesk Flame and Lustre Diagnostic Commands

Flame and Lustre Diagnostics Useful Commands for Troubleshooting and Gathering Autodesk System Info Show Machine Hardware Info dmidecode The dmidecode command accesses embedded hardware data in HP, Dell, SuperMicro, Etc. Examples… dmidecode | grep -i hp dmidecode | grep -i dell dmidecode | grep -i cpu Show DKU more /etc/DKUversion Show Redhat Version more /etc/redhat-release Show Nvidia Graphics Adapter Info lspci | grep -i nvidia Common Autodesk Nvidia Device IDs: K6000 103a Q6000 06d8 Q5800 05fd Show Various Installed RPMs […]

15 Jan 2015

Configuring Multiple Framestore Partitions in Autodesk Flame

Autodesk Framestore Partition Basics • You can have a total of eight framestore “partitions” configured at any one time on your Flame or Smoke workstation. • Partition IDs are counted 0-7, so choose an ID that is currently not in use. • If partitions 1,3,4,7 are currently configured, you can create a new partition using ID number 0,2,5,or 6. • If all IDs are in use, you can temporarily comment out a partition entry to free up an ID. • […]

27 Nov 2014

Fusion 7 Performance Tuning

Like a lot of people, I’ve been taking a look at Fusion again now that Blackmagic Design has purchased Eyeon and will be giving the app the development and support it’s been needing for quite a while.  As a compositing application, it has a very reasonable learning curve, with major concepts being easy to pick up in a few hours, while still having the depth and power required for high-end visual effects and motion graphics work. Something that’s helpful to […]

13 Oct 2014

Test Driving the Accusys ExaSAN A08S3-PS PCI-E RAID Array

The world of high-performance storage for digital media has changed a lot in recent years.  For the past decade or so, you’ve had the option of USB, Firewire, and now Thunderbolt drives on the portable/ consumer side, and various forms of internal and external SATA and SAS, and on the professional side.  There is also fibre channel, and as much as it works well in direct-attached storage applications, it’s expense usually dictates that it is more often used in large […]

28 Jul 2014

Converting 3D LUTs for Resolve, Lustre, and Nuke using Pylut in OS X

3D LUTs come in a number of different formats, with two of the most common being CUBE (DaVinci Resolve) and 3DL (Autodesk Flame/ Lustre).  There are also a growing number of free and commercially available film emulation and creative look LUTs that will often come in one format that you may need to use in applications that support something else. Certain 3D LUT utilities like LUT Converter, Lattice, and LightSpace, can allow you to do complex conversions, merges, and even […]

07 Jul 2014

Using the Eizo CX271 as a Color Accurate Grading Monitor

Recently, a lot of people have been discussing the idea of using affordable, color-accurate computer monitors for grading in place of a more expensive SDI broadcast monitor.  I wanted to mention some of the things I’ve discovered about the new ColorEdge CX271 display from Eizo.  I’ve recently had the chance to use one while working with Lustre, Resolve, and Premiere, and it’s been a really nice experience so far. The CX271 is a 27-inch 2560×1440 display that’s nearly identical to […]

22 May 2014

Installing NTFS-3G on Red Hat 5.3 for Autodesk Flame, Smoke, and Lustre

Add RHEL EPEL Repo for RH5 wget http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/5/x86_64/epel release-5-4.noarch.rpm wget http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/remi-release-5.rpm sudo rpm -Uvh remi-release-5*.rpm epel-release-5*.rpm Install NTFS-3G yum install ntfs-3g Check that NTFS-3G installed correctly /sbin/lsmod | grep ntfs Installing Fuse Add El Repo for RHEL-5 or Centos-5 rpm -Uvh http://www.elrepo.org/elrepo-release-5-5.el5.elrepo.noarch.rpm Install Kmod-fuse for Red Hat 5.3 and Earlier (Fuse is installed by default in 5.4 and later) yum install kmod-fuse Check that Fuse installed correctly /sbin/lsmod | grep fuse Load the Fuse Driver modprobe fuse Run depmod so […]

11 Apr 2014

The Coloristos ColorCast 17: Live from NAB 2014

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss a number of major announcements live from the show floor at NAB 2014, including Resolve 11, the Blackmagic URSA camera, Cintel Film Scanner, AJA CION camera, Flame/ Flame Assist 2015, Baselight Dailies, and new pricing for Digital Vision Nucoda and Nucoda Look. They also cover major trends affecting both production and post, from new ProRes support on Windows for Assimilate Scratch and Quantel Pablo RIO, and on Linux for Resolve, along […]

21 Mar 2014

Useful Autodesk Flame Premium Configuration File Paths

Make a back-up of the following files in case they are overwritten, or you need a original file to revert to after making changes. Network Port Configuration Files /etc/sysconfig/network/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 /etc/sysconfig/network/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1 /etc/sysconfig/network/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth…. Network Config File (network) /etc/sysconfig/network Network DNS Resolution File (resolv.conf) /etc/resolv.conf Hosts File (hosts) /etc/hosts Fstab File (fstab) /etc/fstab Xorg Configuration File (xorg.conf) /etc/x11/xorg.conf Flame Initial Configuration File (init.cfg) /usr/discreet/flamepremium_[version_number]/cfg/init.cfg Stone + Wire Configuration File (stone+wire.cfg) /usr/discreet/sw/cfg/stone+wire.cfg Stone + Wire Framestore Map File (sw_framestore_map) /usr/discreet/sw/cfg/sw_framestore_map Stone + Wire Storage […]

13 Mar 2014

The Coloristos ColorCast 16: What the LUT?

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos talk about LUTs and their use in post-production. They cover the basics of 1D and 3D LUTs, including how they’re built, their various applications in a post pipeline, and the requirements for using them correctly. They also discuss the origins of LUTs from their early application as a film color science tool, to their more recent, wide-spread use as a way to transfer, as well as commercialize, creative looks for use in […]

22 Feb 2014

Configuring a new framestore for Autodesk Flame, Smoke, or Lustre

After Red Hat Installation is complete, login to your new installation. Default Autodesk Login User: root Pass: password 1) Check /etc/fstab to verify whether or not StorageMedia entry has been added. In Terminal: nano /etc/fstab 2) /etc/fstab should include the following at the bottom of your list of entries: # KEEP THIS LINE FOR CDROM — from ADSK Redhat DVD /dev/cdrom      /mnt/cdrom        auto    pamconsole,exec,noauto,managed 0 0 /dev/vg00/lvol1   /mnt/StorageMedia    xfs   rw,noatime,inode64 Where: Logical Volume: /dev/vg00/lvol1 Mount Point: /mnt/StorageMedia Filesystem: xfs Option […]

10 Feb 2014

Installing Flame Premium 2013 Anniversary Edition

IMPORTANT:  If you need to change your system date or time, do it before installing Flame Premium. 1) Copy Flame Premium Tar package to desktop. 2) Extract to desktop, using Right-Click>Extract 3) Install Flame Premium In Terminal: cd /root/Desktop/Flamepremium_2013.2.53_Linux_RHEL5 ./INSTALL_FLAMEPREMIUM 4) When ‘Please Select the Currently Installed Version of Flame’ dialogue box appears, click OK. 5) When INIT.cfg dialogue box appears, Click OK. INIT.cfg should have been configured based on detection of your hardware during installation. However, verify the following: […]

03 Feb 2014

Installing Red Hat 5.3 for Autodesk Flame, Smoke, or Lustre

1) Boot Computer with Installer Disk in Optical Drive. 2) Hold down F9, when Prompted, choose optical drive and boot. 3) At Red Hat Installer Spash Screen, press F6 for Autodesk Builds. 4) Type “ifffsbc” and hit Enter to load Autodesk Flame Premium Kick Start Installer. Red Hat Installer will format boot drive automatically at RHEL5 Splash Screen. Once drive is formatted (10 mins) Installation will proceed (20 Mins). When Installation is complete, reboot, and enter default user/ pass to […]

20 Jan 2014

The Coloristos ColorCast 15: New Mac Pro

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos benchmark the 2013 Mac Pro and discuss it’s performance results compared to a 2010 12-Core model with Resolve 10 using a number of different GPUs in both OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks. They cover the pros and cons of buying a 2013 Mac Pro versus upgrading a 2010 machine, and discuss the major points that colorists and online editors will want to consider before purchase including 4K Playback, RED debayer, and […]

12 Jan 2014

Flame Premium Key Commands for Lustre Colorists

These are key commands I find I use a lot when prepping projects for Lustre in Flame/Smoke 2013 AE and later.  I’ve also included notes on conforming and rendering, so if you’re new to Flame or Smoke and need to get a project ready for grading, this guide should include most of the things you need. FLAME TIMELINE Play: L or Return Stop: K or Space Back: J or Shift-Return Go to Sequence Beg: Control+Left Arrow Go To Sequence End: […]

09 Jan 2014

Key Commands for Autodesk Lustre Colorists

These are key commands I find I use a lot when grading projects if Lustre Premium 2013 AE and later.  I’ve also included notes on conforming, rendering and the Lustre  interface in general, so if you’re new to Lustre this guide includes most of the things you’ll need to get up and running quickly. LUT CONFIGURATION PROJECT Settings > Edit Choose Linear (Video) or LOG (Film) Shared Project Creates Project Paths for you. Under Calibration:  LUT Set-up and Monitor Calibration […]

14 Oct 2013

Configuring the ExaSan AS12 and SW08-Q4 with SAN MP on OS X

This is a quick start video I created for high-performance storage manufacturer Accusys, outlining the steps for configuring their AS12S2 PCI-E RAID Array and SW08-Q4 switch with Studio Network Solution’s SAN MP storage area network.  I walk you through the SAN MP interface and basic strategies you can use to determine how many volumes you’ll need. SAN MP is an affordable, scalable, and easy-to-administrate storage area networking solution that is only limited by the size and speed of your RAID […]

13 Oct 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 14: Broadcast TV

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss online editing and grading for broadcast TV, including passing QC, managing deadlines, and working efficiently under pressure. They also cover emerging trends in the industry, from online distribution and “all-at-once” delivery, to a new generation of editorial and color tools that are facilitating the rapid adoption of feature film workflows into high-end episodic television. The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. […]

13 Aug 2013

Configuring the ExaSAN A12S2 RAID Array and SW08-Q4 Switch

This is a quick start video I created for high-performance storage manufacturer Accusys, outlining the things you need to do to get their AS12S2 PCI-E RAID Array and SW08-Q4 switch configured for use in a video storage area network.  I go through the management interface for the RAID and the Switch and show you how they work together with a the Accusys PCI-E host bus adapter to connect them to a workstation or server. With the switch acting as the […]

01 Jul 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 13: Under The Influence

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss films that inspired them to initially get started in color grading, as well as past and current movies that influence the work they do on their own projects. They also talk about the growing collaborative relationship between the colorist and DP, and finally end the episode by submitting their picks for an impromptu round of “Desert Island DI.” The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, […]

29 May 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 12: Round Trippin

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss round trip workflows. How to get from FCP7, Avid and Premiere into your color session? What are the potential pitfalls? The Coloristos all share tips on geting from app A to app B, and back; and when a one way ticket is your best option. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2013-05-29T14_50_26-07_00 Join the discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-12-round-trippin.1387/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, […]

10 Apr 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 11: NAB 2013 Highlights

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss highlights for colorists at NAB 2013, including DaVinci Resolve 10, SpeedGrade CS7, Smoke 2013, the Scratch 8 preview, Mistika 7.2, and the new Baselight One Deskside and Slate Control Panel. They also cover new displays from Sony, Sharp, FSI, and Dolby, as well as major changes to Avid Media Composer and Symphony licensing, along with the curious omission of the RED Laser Projector at the RED booth this year. Listen to […]

04 Apr 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 10: NAB 2013 Preview

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss color grading applications you’ll be seeing at NAB 2013 from DaVinci Resolve, Adobe SpeedGrade, and Avid Symphony, to SGO Mistika, Assimilate Scratch and Autodesk Lustre. They discuss the continuing upheaval in post production, and how 2013 could be a make-or-break year for several different products. They also cover very new and upcoming products like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RED Ray, RED Laser, as well as Blackmagic’s acquisition of Cintel and how […]

28 Feb 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 9: Control Panels

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss control panels and how they can help you grade with greater speed and precision, while at the same time allowing you to be more creative.  They cover the pros and cons of a number of popular, affordable panels, and also review the advanced features available on control surfaces used with several high-end grading applications. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2013-02-28T00_01_57-08_00 Join the discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-9-control-panels.1019/ The Coloristos ColorCast is […]

06 Jan 2013

The Coloristos ColorCast 8: Origins

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos talk about how they got started as colorists, what it was like just starting out, and important moments in their careers that helped them get established in the industry. They also discuss client management, creating a unique identity for yourself as an artist, and developing a set of techniques that will help you stand out as a colorist. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2013-01-06T18_48_48-08_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-8-origins.900/ The Coloristos ColorCast […]

31 Oct 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 7: Digital Cinema Packages

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss Digital Cinema Packages, or DCPs, the industry standard mastering format for Digital Cinema. They cover the current shift from film negative to DCP for theatrical distribution, several popular DCP creation packages, as well as the benefits and implications for content creators and theater owners. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-10-31T13_26_36-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-7-dcps.774/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and […]

23 Oct 2012

The Coloristos on That Post Show with Kanen Flowers

I produce a color grading and post-production podcast called the Coloristos ColorCast with Juan Salvo and Josh Petok, who are also both working colorists in New York and LA, respctively. The ColorCast is only six episodes old, but has had a great response so far.  From that, the three of us were fortunate enough to be invited by Kanen Flowers of Scruffy Thinking to be on his weekly podcast called That Post Show. Kanen is really interesting in that he […]

25 Sep 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 6: Video Scopes

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss video scopes, the basic types of waveforms, and how you can use them during grading to make critical color decisions. They also describe the differences between hardware and software scopes, discuss a variety of monitoring options, and cover the kinds of features you should look for whether you’re grading for Film, Television, the Web, or Blu-Ray/DVD. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-09-25T17_41_27-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-6-video-scopes.673/ The Coloristos ColorCast is […]

27 Aug 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 5: GPUs

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) the display card devices that power the processing elements of many modern video applications. Plus, continued discussion of RED and RAW workflows, and the Coloristos express their gratitude to gamers. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-08-27T09_59_40-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-5-gpus.574/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you’re interested or involved in color grading, finishing, […]

14 Aug 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 4: How Hardware Affects Your Grade

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss whether the software you use affects the way you grade, the merits of grading without a panel, and Autodesk Smoke 2013. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-08-14T20_11_46-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-4-how-hardware-software-affects-your-grading.518/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you’re interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital intermediate post-production, this show is for you. The Coloristos are: Josh […]

04 Aug 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 3: Grading Monitors

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss monitors for color grading, the various display technologies available, the difference between a computer display and a reference monitor, and the factors that make a display suitable for color accurate work. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-08-04T18_55_24-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-3-grading-monitors.479/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you’re interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital intermediate […]

29 Jul 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 2: DaVinci Resolve 9 Headline Features

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss many of the new features in DaVinci Resolve 9, including the re-designed user interface, log grading tools, audio support, grade management, transcoding, as well as new camera support, and how this release will affect the on-set DIT market, as well as color grading in general. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-07-29T16_49_50-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-2-resolve-9.467/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, […]

23 Jul 2012

The Coloristos ColorCast 1: Changing Cost of Entry

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss DaVinci Resolve 9, Smoke on Mac 2013, and Baselight ACCESS, and how each of these are changing post-production by providing high-quality color grading and finishing tools at much more accessible price points. Listen to this episode: http://coloristos.podomatic.com/entry/2012-07-29T16_41_42-07_00 Discussion on Lift Gamma Gain: http://liftgammagain.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-coloristos-colorcast-episode-1-resolve-smoke-2013-baselight-access.444/ The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you’re interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital […]

17 Jul 2012

Passion, hunger, creativity and a $700 camera

As colorists we are subject to cameras in the same way an audio mastering engineer is subject to the microphones used in an audio recording. That being said, I’ve been watching the Zacuto Shootouts with a lot of interest over the past few years, as they can teach you quite a bit about cameras, lighting, and on-set factors that can make or break our images. If you haven’t seen a Zacuto shootout, it’s basically a gathering of world-class cinematographers to […]

11 Jul 2012

Transcoding H.264 to DNxHD for Fast Import in Media Composer 6

For a new project I’m working on, we have almost 500GB of 5D footage acquired over 10 days of shooting.  The project will be divided up into six episodes, and in order make all of that footage available for editing as quickly as possible, we’ll be pre-transcoding the H.264s as DNxHD36 MOV files and then Fast importing them into Media Composer 6 on OS X. The big benefit of this workflow is that it allows you to quickly set-up any […]

03 Jul 2012

Sony F65 4K Raw Footage For Testing

The Blender open source project, with the help of Xiph.org, has made Sony F65 4K RAW and OpenEXR media available to download for anyone that’s interested. They are very large, with just the two RAW MXF test files coming in at 13GB and 21GB each. On a 30Mb connection the 21Gb file took a little over 2 Hours to download. But, If you’re interested in the F65, and willing to wait a little , this is a good opportunity to give it a try. […]

29 Jun 2012

The Future of Flame and Smoke

A thread on the AREA forums about the future of Smoke Advanced contains some insight from an AD Senior Manager about their strategy going forward. It’s a pretty interesting (and rare?) view of the market from their perspective. http://area.autodesk.com/forum/auto…iscussion/so-whats-the-411-on-smoke-advanced/ ——- I would like to share some insights into our strategy with you (to the extent that the legal guidelines governing publicly traded US companies let me). Firstly, I think you will be agreeably surprised with what we are doing for […]

21 Jun 2012

Movie Color Barcoding Application

On Lift Gamma Gain, Josh Petok has created a Movie Barcode Application that offers an interesting way to examine the look of a movie. It takes every frame from a movie file, resizes it to 1 pixel wide by 480 pixels high, adds some blur to smooth the colors, and then assembles them into a single frame from left to right.  This allows you to view a cross-section of the color palette used throughout the movie in a single glance. […]

07 Jun 2012

Tangent Element Kb Unboxing

I bought a Tangent Element Kb (Knobs) panel to start experimenting with custom control panel layouts in Assimilate Scratch. Scratch offers a lot of customizability with third-party panels, and none of the stock panel layouts I have found so far emphasize the controls I tend to use the most. My initial goal is to see if I can map the controls for master + red, green, and blue for lift, gamma, and gain on Set A, and then a layout […]

21 Apr 2012

Blackmagic Design Introduces Resolve 9 at NAB 2012

I’m not sure what’s crazier; the number of cameras that have been introduced recently, or that two of the biggest were in South Hall with all of the post-production gear. RED announced their 6K Dragon sensor for Epic and Scarlet, and Blackmagic introduced their new 2.5K Digital Cinema Camera. I’m sure this had at least a few people doing a double-take as they walked past the Blackmagic booth near the entrance to South Hall this year. They now seem to […]

19 Apr 2012

Autodesk Introduces Smoke on Mac 2013 at NAB 2012

Autodesk had an interesting task on their hands this year if they wanted to step out from the shadow of the CS6 release. And, with the introduction of a totally overhauled Smoke on Mac, did they ever accomplish just that. Several days before NAB was scheduled to begin, Autodesk generated quite a bit of anticipation with a “Smoke Is Changing” campaign and webpage stating big improvements were in store for the application. On Sunday afternoon, Autodesk introduced Smoke 2013 with […]

15 Apr 2012

Smoke Is Changing Event in Las Vegas

Autodesk announced Smoke on Mac 2013 at their Smoke Is Changing Event today in Las Vegas Major New Features Re-Designed Interface made with Final Cut, Avid, and Premiere Pro editors in mind Improved Timeline that makes Smoke a more complete and useable editing tool Batch-like, ConnectFX Node Based Compositing and FX directly in the timeline MediaHub management features that allow you to organize large amounts of footage in one place Native media support: RED, ARRIRAW, DNxHD, ProRes so you don’t […]

16 Jan 2012

PipelineFX Qube Render Farm Basics

PipelineFX Qube! Render Farm Basics   QUBE! COMPONENTS Supervisor (Server Node) = Render Queue which runs on a single dedicated manager node. Workers (Render Nodes) = Render daemons which run on all render nodes. Client (on Artist/ User Machines) = Applications, APIs, or other interfaces that allow you to submit jobs to the render farm for processing (Nuke, Maya, 3ds Max, Mental Ray, Command Line, Python, etc)   JOBS Job = Bundle of data, submitted by a client to the […]

16 Jan 2012

After Effects Render Farm Basics

After Effects Render Farm Basics Applies to: After Effects CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6.0 HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Most Basic Configuration: 1x Client Workstation: Any machine that submits After Effects projects to the render farm. 1x Render Node: Any machine that processes After Effects projects submitted to the render farm. 1x Shared storage volume:  A file server, NAS, or file-level locking SAN (i.e. StorNext or Xsan) that is visible to all clients and render nodes with concurrent read/ write access. -Gigabit Ethernet or […]

26 Dec 2011

Open Directory Database Repair

Symptom: Users cannot log into OD accounts. If DNS, TCP-IP, physical connections, etc are OK… Check these items: 1) Go to Directory Utility: See If OD entry shows “Server Unavailable” 2) Go to Server Admin>Open Directory>LDAP: See If Server shows STOPPED If YES for both you may have OD database corruption. ——————————— To Check Database for corruption: sudo /usr/libexec/slapd -Tt If this command returns “config file testing succeeded” then the database is not corrupt, you should attempt to troubleshoot elsewhere. […]

30 Mar 2011

Installing Debian 6.0.1 on a Software RAID1 Volume

Installing Debian to RAID1 Using Debian 6.0.1a AMD64 DVD-1 Installation Disk Required: -Debian 6.0.1a AMD64 DVD -1 Installation Disk -2x Identical Installation Drives (2x500GB in this example) Pre-formatted as Free Space Initial Set-Up: -Debian 6.0.1a AMD64 Installation DVD and boot server. Installer Boot Menu -Choose Graphical Install (Wait a 30 seconds as installer launches) Language: -Select your language Location: -Select your location Keyboard: -Select your keymap Network: -Primary Network Interface: Select the ethernet port connected to your Internet connection -Hostname: […]

26 Mar 2011

Installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Software RAID1 Volume

Installing Ubuntu to RAID1 Using 10.04.2 LTS Alternate Installation Disk Required: -Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS Alternate Installation Disk (includes tools for installation to software RAID) -2x Identical Installation Drives (2x500GB in this example) Formatted as Free Space Initial Set-Up: -Insert 10.04 LTS Installation Disk and boot server. Language: -Language Screen: Select your language -Start-up Menu: Choose “Install Ubuntu” (ASCII Menus begin) Keyboard: -Choose Language: Select your language -Choose Language: Select your region -Detect keyboard layout: No -Origin of keyboard: Choose country […]

10 Nov 2010

Xsan Troubleshooting Guide

Xsan Troubleshooting Guide To begin make sure to verify the following: In RAID Software (WebPam Pro, Active Viewer, RAID Admin) -Check Controller Status -Check Array Status -Check Fibre Status In Xsan Admin -Check Computers for Authentication -Check Mounts for status -Check Volume for status -Check Computers for status In Xsan Admin Logs: -Check System Log -Check FSMPM Log -Check Specific Volume Logs In Terminal >su – (enter password) >cvadmin >select  (shows what file systems are available.  * = Volume is […]