3D LUTs come in a number of different formats, with two of the most common being CUBE (DaVinci Resolve) and 3DL (Autodesk Flame/ Lustre).  There are also a growing number of free and commercially available film emulation and creative look LUTs that will often come in one format that you may need to use in applications that support something else.

Certain 3D LUT utilities like LUT Converter, Lattice, and LightSpace, can allow you to do complex conversions, merges, and even detailed editing and manipulation, but there may be times when you just need to convert from one format to another.

If you’re using OS X, and comfortable copying and pasting a few commands in Terminal, Pylut, a Python script created by Lattice developer Greg Cotten, offers a free and fairly easy way to convert 3D LUTs between CUBE and 3DL for use in applications like Resolve, Lustre, and Nuke.


Install OS X Command line Utilities
Go to:
-To login, you can use the same Apple ID you use for App Store Purchases.
-Download and Install “Command Line Tools” for your version of OS X.

Install Homebrew Package Manager
In Terminal:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Enter your admin password when prompted and allow the installation to complete.

Clean up your Homebrew Installation using Brew Doctor
In Terminal:
brew doctor

If your installation completed without errors you should get the following:
“Your system is ready to brew”

If your installation encountered a problem, Brew will often suggest a command you can run to resolve it.
If so, run the command by following the prompts, and then continue with your installation.

Install Python
In Terminal:
brew install python

Install PyLUT
In Terminal:
pip install pylut

Now that Python and Pylut are both installed you can begin doing conversions.

LUT Conversions

In the examples below, you have a LUT called “BlockbusterLook” on your Desktop.
Unless you specify an “--output” location, the new LUT will be saved in the same folder as your original LUT.

Resolve CUBE LUT to Lustre 3DL LUT
In Terminal:
pylut /path/to/CUBE_File --convert L3DL

pylut /Users/[username]/Desktop/BlockbusterLook.CUBE --convert L3DL

Lustre 3DL LUT to Resolve CUBE LUT
In Terminal:
pylut /path/to/3DL_File --convert RCUBE

pylut /Users/[username]/Desktop/BlockbusterLook.3DL --convert RCUBE

Resolve CUBE LUT to Nuke 3DL LUT
In Terminal:
pylut /path/to/CUBE_File --convert N3DL

pylut /Users/[username]/Desktop/BlockbusterLook.CUBE --convert N3DL

Specifying Additional Parameters

Output Folder:
--output /Path/to/folder
--output ~/Desktop

LUT Size:
--resize LutSize
--resize 17
--resize 33
--resize 65

LUT Name:
--name NewName
--name BleachBypass

Reversing the LUT:

To see a complete list of Pylut options:
pylut -help