The Coloristos ColorCast 14 - Broadcast TV

In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss online editing and grading for broadcast TV, including passing QC, managing deadlines, and working efficiently under pressure. They also cover emerging trends in the industry, from online distribution and “all-at-once” delivery, to a new generation of editorial and color tools that are facilitating the rapid adoption of feature film workflows into high-end episodic television.

The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you’re interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital intermediate post-production, this show is for you.

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The Coloristos are:

Josh Petok, a colorist working on reality and episodic television in Los Angeles.
Juan Salvo, a colorist and online editor for films and commercials in New York.
Jason Myres, a colorist and post-production engineer in Los Angeles.